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Clear Quartz Crystal Bowls
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Clear Quartz Crystal Bowls

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Therapeutic Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
Angelic Tones, hand held, light weight for travelling

Perfected water and purifying sonic energies combine in bowls that resonate and entrain quickly with the body and psyche. Practitioners often choose clear quartz crystal bowls for transmuting energies. Just as healers in the past have carried pure quartz crystals and small crystal singing bowls in their roles as nomadic priests and shamans, today’s doctors and holistics embrace the clarity and entraining effects of our Clear Quartz Crystal Bowls. Smooth energies flow from these bowls for releasing and clearing work and can also be helpful in creating harmonious energies in the home.

Available in various styles including flat and round bottom, specialty bowls such as Rose Quartz and Aqua 24-K Bowls and The Practitioner and Tuning Fork Bowls®

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