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Remodeling Lodge Building

We had a fire in anuary, 2013 and are in the process of redoeling the entire Lodge Building.


What's New:

  • Bigger Rooms
    We have expanded the rooms into what used to be our hallway.· You get more room to move around.
  • Now the rooms are access through the outside.· You can open the window and get fresh air!
  • New High Quality Latex Beds, and banboo covers.
  • New bathrooms and showers.
  • Geo-thermal heating in the Lodge. Using our own gravity fed hot water!
  • Redesigned office, breakfast area,and common rooms.

Other building upgrades include:
Double insulated walls
Triple-paned windows

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Cottonwood Going Green

Solar: We have installed 4 new solar panel arrays.  These arrays move with the sun. The reduce our energy cost for the main building by 30%

Wind: Two small wind generators are at the end of our property utilizing the windflow comig through the canyon. Our windmills generate about 10% of our main building energy.

Geo-thermal heat: As a result of our fire last April, we have thouroughly remodeled the main lodge building. We hae been able to utilize our own hot water to heat our lodge rooms, as our water naturally comes out of the ground around 127 degrees and only has to be heated to 157 degrees to heat the building.  .  The hot water will flow through the floors of the main building.

Installed new LED lighting: New wiring throughout the building - upgraded most lights to LED.

Other building upgrades include:
Double insulated walls
Triple-paned windows
Organic Latex Beds with Banboo covers.
New showers in rooms


Hot Springs Yoga

Cottonwood Hot Springs Yoga

Where Nature Meets Nurture

75 minute classes
9:30am Wednesdays & 10am Saturdays

Class Description
Core Yoga - Focused prana practice (breathwork) utilizing the abdominal muscles (your power house). Ashtanga and Anusari style Vinyasa yoga focusing on correct form and continuous movement. Classes offered are appropriate for all levels of yogis.

What to bring:

  • Bottle of Water
  • Towel
  • Yoga Mat if you have one, otherwise one will be provided.


Best Deal!
Monthly Unlimited Class Rate - $48 per month

One-time Drop-in - $10 per visit

It is adviseable to call 719-966-5044 in advance or check out our website schedule, or email marjilm@mftrainingcenter.comam


Contact Cottonwood Hot Springs

18999 County Road 306
Buena Vista, Colorado 81211

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Soaking Rates

Our Hours:
S-Th  8am - Midnight

Winter Rates

Weekdays (Mon-Thurs)

Adults - $15
Children under 16 - $12

Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun)
and All Holidays
Adults - $18
Children under 16 - $15

Price includes use of our large Natural Stone Soaking pools and dry sauna.
(Children must be with an Adult at all times and  vacate the soaking pool area at 6pm)

We've Remodeled Our Lodge

We have remodeled our lodge building. See what's new.

Cottonwood Hot Springs
18999 County Road 306
Buena Vista, Colorado 81211

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Hot Springs News

New remodeled rooms, office, and common rooms. See what's new.