Certified Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval


Cathy takes you on a guided meditative journey which enables you to enter into a trance-like state. In a hypnotherapy Session, you are aware of all that is discussed. There are no secrets and no embarrassing moments, as in theater hypnosis. Issues of negative habits and/or emotions can be looked at in an objective way. In most cases, when the core issue is faced, an unwanted habit or emotion can then be illuminated or resolved. Often times, the origin of an illness and/or injury can be explored. During a Hypnotherapy Session, messages can be instilled into the mind to help continue the healing process beyond the session. 

Past-life and Present-life Regression is another form of Hypnotherapy. After entering the trance-like state, you are then taken on a journey to a point in the time/space continuum that a life habit or life patterns began. It can also be used to seek out there a particular soul entered into your time/space and perhaps the lessons that you are trying to learn together in this life. 

Soul retrieval and/or Cording can also be accomplished in a Hypnotherapy Session. 

Soul Retrieval: Often times when we are faced with a dramatic or traumatic incident in our lives, we leave a piece of our soul essence with the person or event, leaving us feeling less that whole is soul retrieval that soul essence can be recaptured and returned to you, thus leaving you feeling a sense of closure with the incident or person. 

Cording: being the spiritual beings that we are, we are connected to everyone by energy cords. These cords connect us to those we love and care about, and also those we have broken relationships with. Theses cords can be re-evaluated and either reconstructed or illuminated. 


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