Ear Candling

ear-candlesThis procedure is used to draw out poisons, old wax and residues from the ear using a candle made from beeswax or cotton flax. It has been used to alleviating problems such as sinusitis, ringing or humming in the ears and excessive production of earwax. During the treatment, one end of the candle is inserted into the client's ear canal while the other end is lit, creating a vacuum in the ear canal, which draws excess wax up into the candle, clearing the ear.

Relax and clear your head with Ear candling, a safe way for removal of wax build-up from ear canals.

1 cone per ear $45 ~ 2 cones per ear $65


Gentle, Safe, Relaxing, Painless, and effective for removing ear wax and fungus from the ear canal. 

Ear Candling is a natural, gentle way to clean out wax and white flaky fungus that has been accumulating for months or years. Some people have more buildup than others. Noisy professions, such as factory workers, loggers, musicians, etc. tend to have more wax and fungus buildup. People who have had ear injuries, sinus problems, or wear hearing aids, tend to have more earwax buildup. Sometimes it is helpful to use more than one cone to obtain desired results.

Ear Candling is remedy that dates back to ancient times as part of a spiritual healing ritual. This almost lost art has resurfaced, just as the medicinal use of herbs and other home remedies. recently, an ear cone client took ear cones to the Mayo Clinic and the M.D. there stated that using ear cones is fine, but felt that they should not be used if the eardrum is perforated.

Most people find that they have better hearing after Ear Candling. Some have found that it decreases or stops problems of ringing in the ears and sinus problems.


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