Body Wraps

 60 Minutes $85


Open your mind, body and spirit with the simplicity of a Body Wrap. Rejuvenate and deeply relax with our organic herbal formulated wraps. 

This wrap is an excellent detoxifying treatment. Towels are soaked in a steaming herbal solution and wrapped around the body, followed by a wool blanket to keep the warmth in and allow the herbs to draw out the impurities through the skin.

Lose inches in your first session, see instant results. Call for more information.

Dry Wrap - 60 Minutes $65
Dry towels as well as a wool blanket are wrapped around the body and are kept warm for 20 minutes, letting the body perspire and rid itself of impurities.  Includes a head, neck and foot massage.

Open your mind, body and spirit with the simplicity of a Body Wrap. 


Being shroud in a soft warm cocoon, and lying on a cloud of vibrating energy in an awesome experience which enhances meditation, stress-reduction, relaxation and body toxin release. 

The infusion used is organic and/or locally grown, then lovingly mixed for your enjoyment. 

Herbal Wrap: after soaking in our pure, natural Hot Springs, the body is shroud in a sheet which has been soaked in a steaming herb solution you are floated away in a cloud of soft, steady vibration. Meditation, stress-reduction and relaxation are enhanced by soft music and aroma therapy. This 'wrap' is intended to prolong the toxin release process, and deepens relaxation. 

Herb infusion used:
Rosemary: increases blood circulation
Comfrey: for cell rejuvenation
Calendula: releases toxins
Sage: antiseptic, anti-fungal
Lavender: speeds cell replacement and balances the system. 

Dry wrap: consists of soaking in our pure, natural hot springs pools to increase the body core temperature, then being wrapped in a cocoon of soft, warm blankets, and lying on a cloud of vibrating energy for approx. 30 minutes. This 'wrap" allows your body to begin the process of toxin release and rejuvenation while soothing vibration travels across your body. Meditation, stress-reduction and relaxation are enhanced by aromatherapy and soft music. 

*** in order to avoid any adverse effect, it is advised that you do not return to the hot springs pools for at lease "2 hours" after receiving an Herbal Wrap, a cool shower is recommended. 

To arrange your body wrap, please schedule at the front desk.


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