"Aquatic Bodywork" or "Wateradance" - 75 min - $85


The massage is preformed in the warm water. You are cradled in the arms of the guide, and the head is continuously supported on the surface of the water. Then rocking and swaying movement gently massages blockages in the body as a whole being, as well as in problematic muscle areas. Circle, spiral and wave-like motions in this technique harmonize the breath and enhance the cellular geometric patterns within the body. Neck and leg floats may be used to facilitate the massage in the water. The therapist often seems invisible, enabling the recipient to relax in a deeply dream-like state.
Watsu has evolved into what many practitioners consider the most profound development in bodywork in our time. While other modalities are based solely on touch, watsu brings the receiver to a new level of connection and trust. This, combined with the therapeutic benefits of warm water and the greater freedom of movement it encourages, creates a modality that can effect every level of our being.


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